Ava 2010

That night the long-tailed ducks >were singing

It’s fascinating to think about the mysteries of life that surround us. What makes toads start their winter rest? How do birds manage to migrate on stormy sea? The landscape is full of invisible signs, messages, marks and smells. I want to paint strong paintings which can capture the strength and beauty that I have experienced in nature.

In my exhibition in Ava Gallery I continue with the archipelago theme. This is the third and last part of that series. I was able to spent two months last fall on a remote island called Utö in the Baltic Sea. This spring I went back and spent there another almost two months. I wanted to see how autumn comes, and migrating birds leave, and then be there again when they return in spring. In Utö I experienced strongly that everything around me is in constant move: people, clouds, birds, ice, and I was able to see it all. During some days it was so windy that the sea and the sky all seamed to move around me, and only rocks were holding the landscape at its place. I have tried to work in a faster and lighter manner than earlier. Some of my paintings are like parts of a diary reminding me of those special days I have experienced on Utö island.