Bakeliittibambi Gallery 1999


I have tried to put on canvas the memories I have of my explorations. What did we see with my father when we drove to Lake Enäjärvi? I remember our family sailing in many different ways. Sometimes I see a sunny summer day, sometimes the cracks in the system.

Besides family memories, another theme in this exhibition is nature. I have painted animals and parts of them. Frogs and toad are at the same time familiar and strange animals. I am interested in painting these strange and hostile animals. Becoming a part of that kind of nature can only happen for a short moment.

The yellow colour dominates many of my paintings. Looking back, it seems to be the key colour in this period of time in my life. The question is: what is that shade of yellow that reminds me of a sunny day 20 years ago? I have tried to capture that exact shade by adding bee wax to my paintings.