Environmental art

I have been interested in environmental art even since I was studying in art school Maa, and was able to listen to some inspiring teachers such as Leonard Lapin and Georg Steinmann.
My own works I have done mainly in Kivinokka area where I have been a part of the yearly environmental art exhibition ever since 2003. 

Here below is some information about Kivinokka


Kivinokka area in Vanhankaupunginlahti is an important part of Helsinki. It was founded already in 1910 as a recreational area. There are still hundreds of little summer cottages there that have become part of the landscape. In that area there has been organized environmental exhibitions every summer since 2003. Kivinokka is a challenging and interesting environment for an art exhibition. It’s exceptional history includes open- air dance floors, community singing and dance bands, many sports events and rowing competitions. The nature in Kivinokka is exceptional in Helsinki, and compared to other european
capitals. The area is located close to the center of Helsinki only a short metro distance away. In Kivinokka nature protection area you can touch pine trees with thick bark, listen to wind blow in a spruce forest where the oldest trees can be close to two hundred years old, breathe sea air and enjoy walking along tiny forest paths. 

Kivinokka environmental art exhibitions have been yearly attended by 20-30 artists, who have participated in several environmental art exhibitions in Finland
and abroad. In their works artists reflect the history and present of the area and it’s nature. The exhibitions have also tried to protect the area. All art works in Kivinokka have been temporary and done in nature keeping in mind that they should not leave any marks afterwards. The exhibitions have been open the whole summer, and they have been free of charge.